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Marital problems

Where there is conflict, love is not. Few couples like to admit it, but conflict unfortunately, is common to almost all marriages. We all have had our share of conflict and some of our disagreements have not been pretty at all. Do you remember the time you and your spouse were happy together and enjoying each other to the fullest? Are you aware of the changes? Do you know what is causing the two of you not be be able to enjoy each other anymore? Are you together but yet you feel very alone or lonely? Are you about to give up on your marriage? 

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Eliminating violent energy

Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded with aggression and negative energy. Unfortunately this might destroy a lot of opportunities and chances in life. Often we are not even aware of the huge impact that aggression has on ourselves, our surroundings and our fellow human beings. It can really destroy the person that you were supposed to become.. 

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Dandali Cleansing & Healing
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About Dandali

Dandali means healing...and that is exactly what I do. I heal people and restore lives. I was gifted since the day I was born.

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