It has been a long time that my son was able to sleep a whole night without waking me up at least twice a night... I did everything to solve his sleeping problems but I did not succeed, no matter what. I got more and more agitated and that really didn't help us.. I came across Dandali through a close friend and decided to give it a try..

After we contacted Dandali, it turned out to be a very easy to solve problem... It took Dandali a few hours work and the first night afterwards, was the first night my son slept throughout the whole night. 

„Thank you for taking away the sleepless nights of my son (and me of cause) and giving me back my peace of mind“

- Christine B. -

Do you happen to have children that knock on your bedroom door every night, because they are afraid or cannot sleep? Are you tired because it is also disturbing your own sleep and you really don't know how to solve it? Don't hesitate to call us. We will help you and you will surely get your quiet nights back and your children will go back to normal sleeping habits very soon.