There are many reasons why a child can become a restive or troublesome child. Most of us are familiair with the regular and most common reasons and we often find reasonable explanations in age and circumstances. What many of us don't know is that there might be totally different causes for your child to be restive and so to say 'a problem child'. One visit of Dandali may change your situation for good. Your so called problem child may blow your mind and turn out to be the greatest child you could ever wish for..

Restive and so called 'problem children' are often victim of circumstances outside themselves. Even if you are convinced it is just the negative attitude of your child, it might turn out to be something completely different. We had many cases whereby children were heavily influenced by negative input from sources that you would never expect in a lifetime. The solution can often be found in a one or two day Dandali session in order to bring back peace and harmony. We have solved many cases and helped a lot of families. Are you dealing with a restive child and you don't see any solution anymore? Please don't hesitate to call us. We will gladly listen to you. We can supply you with insight, advice and support. If necessary, we will take the right action to bring change into your child's life.

„I wish I knew this before, it would have saved us a lot of trouble, fights and misunderstandings. Our family couldn't even function normal anymore. Going out for a family diner was not possible anymore. I was always walking on eggs to prevent explosive behaviour and troubles.... but after Dandali visit us, cleansed my house and my child, our family is a real family again. For the first time in years, we have peace in the house and we could even enjoy a nice family diner in a very crowdy place, without even being worried for one second. It is really awesome, thank you so much!“

- Marie-An D. - a very happy mother -

You must have a wonderful heart to have been given the chance to have a unique child.