When there is a disturbed atmosphere or negative energy in the house it will have a huge impact on how the family members relate to each other.. Dandali does not only purify houses but also the family members living there.

You might not even be aware of all the negative effects that were influencing your family...until all that is gone and you experience the changes within your household. You will see the differences in the way you feel and in the way your family members interact.. Dandali will always look at the bigger picture and not only focus on one aspect. As building a house on a instable fundament will not bring you the longterm results that you were looking for, Dandali will not heal the inhabiters without informing them of the total picture. It means Dandali can cleanse and heal the people living in your house, but if the house itself is not in order, your problems might come back in time. So if necessary to also take care of the house itself by spiritual cleansing the house, Dandali will surely let you know.


„My wife and I are not fighting or ignoring each other anymore but we actually enjoy each other to the fullest, since the cleansing and healing ...... everyday after work I am really looking forward to go home to my wife and our children.“

- Someone famous -