Environmental elements can cause a variety of complaints.  Most common known are the effects of water veins and earth radiation but there is a lot more..

Environmental healing will be necessary when your wellbeing and sometimes even your health is at stake. Water veins and earth radiation can cause sickness, diseases, sleepless nights and a lot of other physical and mental complaints. It could differ from a whole variety of vague complaints to very specific health issues

„After the consult, my son never woke me up in the middle of the night anymore, he slept like a baby every night, all my headaches are gone and the pain in my joints too. It is such a relief!.“

- A very happy mother -

Is your son our daughter waking you up almost every night, not able to sleep or having nightmares? Don't hesitate to call us, we will  help you to enjoy your kid being able to sleep normal again and you will surely wake up all mornings, fresh and energetic like you did before..