Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded with aggression and negative energy. Unfortunately this might destroy a lot of opportunities and chances in life. Often we are not even aware of the huge impact that aggression has on ourselves, our surroundings and our fellow human beings. It can really destroy the person that you were supposed to become.. 

Do you find yourself surrounded with aggression, negativity, hostility and sometimes even violent energy? Are you extremely tensed and short tempered? Do you get involved in conflicts easily? Is anger your middle name so to say? Even if you try hard to stay calm and in control, you create the right conditions for you not to snap, you still never really manage, because your aggression always seems to have the upper hand. If that is the case you might ask yourself if you may be dealing with some unwanted and uninvited negative energies that are not yours. Some energies are transferrable and come to you trough your friends, relatives or even through people you don't even know. Dandali can locate and dissolve this kind of energies. Knowing everything will not always make you happy. What really matters is that you get rid of negativity and live a good life, without being hindered by the influences of aggression and negativity. Dandali can help you to arrive in a positive atmosphere whereby aggression and negativity has no space and no impact.

„I used to be very calm and patient but at a certain point in my life I didn't recognize myself anymore. I was quickly agitated and not the friendly person I use to be for a long time.. I felt very frustrated and never understood where this was coming from and how to change it. Luckily I came across Dandali. After we met and Dandali saw what was going on and solved it, everything changed... I am finally back to my old self again and I must say it was really necessary for me and my surroundings. I never knew that it wasn't my own energy causing all this havoc.“

- Robert G. -

Even if you are not sure whetter  the constant presence of negative energy is your own negativity or someone else's... Call for an appointment and let's find out what is going on. We will surely help you to find peace and harmony again and get rid all unwanted negativity.