Do you want your house to be your home again? Is the atmosphere in your house not good? Is negativity interfering with all your attempts to live in peace and harmony? Do you know why you don't succeed? 

There are many reasons why over time, the energy in a house seems to change. Changes can be related to external energies somehow connected to your neighbors, or friends but it might also relate to people you don't even know. It could also be related to the inhabiters of the house. We will locate the problem(s) in your house and solve it. Depending on the magnitude of the problem(s) we will know whetter we can fix it the same day or we might have to continue the work one or more days... 

Next to the cleansing of the house it might also be necessary to include cleansing and healing you and your family. We will let you know if that is the case.

„I was actually feeling very uncomfortable in my own house, like everything went wrong and we were always fighting for no reason... After the cleansing of my house (and me) everything changed instantly. The house felt totally different and I was finally coming home“

- Justin B. -