Strongholds can prevent you from arriving where you want to be, from having a successful career, achieving your goals and a lot more. Strongholds can cause failure and 'bad luck' in different areas of your life.

Strongholds and blockages can prevent you a lifetime long from being that wonderful person that you ought to be. Instead of reaching great heights, misery or constant struggle is your portion..

It can find its root cause in the past, in your childhood, your upbringing, your ancestors but also in the presence of different energies in your environment or in your house. Sometimes it is transferred to you by other people, without them even knowing that they are transferring that to you. Some places are full of old energies that most of us are not aware of.. 

„Somehow it always seemed that luck was not meant to stay with me, like every good thing will  dissappear before I can even enjoy it to the fullest. Whetter we talk about my relationships or my carreer.. I could never be in a longer relationship and I changed so many jobs, because I never seemed to be able to keep a job for a longer period.. It all finally changed when I heard about Dandali and  .“

- Someone famous -

Sometimes you don't know whetter strong holds are causing you to be unsuccessful or that there are other reasons for your so called bad luck... Dandali will gladly uncover the cause of your misfortune and solve it for you.