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Restive children

There are many reasons why a child can become a restive or troublesome child. Most of us are familiair with the regular and most common reasons and we often find reasonable explanations in age and circumstances. What many of us don't know is that there might be totally different causes for your child to be restive and so to say 'a problem child'. One visit of Dandali may change your situation for good. Your so called problem child may blow your mind and turn out to be the greatest child you could ever wish for..

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Sleeping problems

It has been a long time that my son was able to sleep a whole night without waking me up at least twice a night... I did everything to solve his sleeping problems but I did not succeed, no matter what. I got more and more agitated and that really didn't help us.. I came across Dandali through a close friend and decided to give it a try..

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Uninvited guests

Are you dealing with uninvited guests? Alone but not alone? Moving objects, slamming doors, or just the feeling there is something but you don't know what it is? Dandali will identify it and make you feel at ease again.

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Cleansing houses

Do you want your house to be your home again? Is the atmosphere in your house not good? Is negativity interfering with all your attempts to live in peace and harmony? Do you know why you don't succeed? 

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Optimizing companies

When the energy in your company or workplace isn't flowing properly, and has become stagnant, it can cause several problems such as depression, arguments, ill health, lack of motivation, tension, frustration, even financial loss. It is as important to cleanse the energy in your workplace, as it is to cleanse the energy in your own personal field.

If the energy in your conpany feels, heavy, stale, chaotic, even threatening, a good cleansing will help to lighten it up!

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About Dandali

Dandali means healing...and that is exactly what I do. I heal people and restore lives. I was gifted since the day I was born.

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